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The best quality Durags you will find on earth. made with the finest velvet and silky material out there. We are completely for the customer.

 Costume Maker /  Atlanta, GA

Corey Jackson (born July 16, 2006), better known by his stage name Corey J. or Lil C-Note, is an American rapper and motivational speaker. He...

 Actors, Artist, Voice Artist

Zandra Cunningham, the founder and CEO of Zandra’s Beauty, an all-natural skincare line, started her company when she was just 9-years old. Now, at age...

 Beauty, Cosmetics, Skin Care, /  Buffalo, NY

10-year-old Anthony Anderson and 6-year-old Ja’Den Anderson are the creators of #BrownBoysLemonade out of Atlanta, GA. Their company started from them wanting their parents to...

 Food - Catering, Desserts, Beverages & More /  Atlanta, GA

5 kid entrepreneurs that have a love and desire to make people happy with food and desserts inspired  from our great-grandmother, our grandmother, then our...

 Food - Catering, Desserts, Beverages & More /  Atlanta, GA

LipTalk Kid Goals was originated with one goal in mind: to provide a high-quality and effective natural skin product for all children. Going the natural...

 Actors, Artist, Voice Artist /  Atlanta, GA

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Do you have an idea that has come to life. Can you dance? Can you cook? Do you have the best lemonade in the world? Do you own your own business? Are you between the ages of 1-19? If you answered YES, you’re in the right place! With your guardian/parents consent you can get your talents seen by consumers all over the world!

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Online marketing is like nascar racing. You’ve got just seconds to influence someone that your worth a longer look. Maximize these opportunities with a better business listing, a mobile friendly website, complete and a ccurate profiles on Kidpreneur Expo .com, and topping it all off, by adding a wonderful video!

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Do you have a idea, but no brand identity. That means no logo, no business license, or no website; look no further we are your one stop shop to bring your ideas into reality. From logos to website and tradeshow banners, we’re here to launch your idea!

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KidExpo: Upcoming Events

In the near future, Kidpreneur Expo will be hosting events in a city near you! Listed below is a popularity poll of cities in the United States of America that Kidpreneurs would like to host their Kidpreneur Expo. We would love to hear your opinion on where you would like to see the Kidpreneur Expo Tour land!

Atlanta, GA

Detroit, MI

Cincinnati, OH

Trenton, NJ

Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX

Miami, FL

Charlotte, NC